Rewriting Jönsson’s Life: The Back-story

I moved from Sweden to the United States in 1986 and lived in Los Angeles at the time, when I caught wind of a movie called “My Life As A Dog.” It was based on the book with the same name by Swedish author, Reidar Jönsson. Back in those days, it took a lot longer to get foreign movies to the United States – sorry to say, no iTunes. I finally saw the movie and fell in love with the story about Ingemar. Many years later, my wife, our daughter, and I moved from Los Angeles to Oregon to be closer to family. … Continue reading Rewriting Jönsson’s Life: The Back-story

Wireless NOW! Hawaii On Air

Originally published in Wireless NOW! (An Ericsson Newsletter) – May 1997 Mention Honolulu and you evoke images of Waikiki Beach, shady palm trees and hula dancers. But when it comes to cellular, the island of Oahu is strictly business. Newcomer Hawaiian Wireless is involved in a turf battle over Hawaii’s 300,000 cellular customers. Weapons of choice include customer service and digital D-AMPS (IS-136) technology in the specialized mobile radio (SMR) spectrum. Hawaiian Wireless is the “new kid on the block” in a highly competitive market that already has four well-seated cellular providers on the island of Oahu, the most densely populated island … Continue reading Wireless NOW! Hawaii On Air

Reidar Jönsson: Rewriting His Life

Originally published in Scanorama – April 1992 (Scandinavian Airlines’ Inflight Magazine) Swedish author Reidar Jönsson whose book, My Life as a Dog, was the basis of Lasse Hallström’s acclaimed film, is busier than ever. With a new book – My Father, His Son, a sequel to My Life as a Dog­ just out in the United States, he is currently doing a screen treatment of it. Born in 1944 in southern Swe­den, Jönsson published numerous screenplays, theater pieces, poetry and books before gaining public attention with My Life as a Dog. Ironically, he originally had no de­sire to see this book turned into … Continue reading Reidar Jönsson: Rewriting His Life

Boom Operator: The Back-Story

The back-story to the Boom Operator article is pretty funny. The day prior to the interview with Sgt. Edwards, I drove from Bend, Oregon to Vacaville, California. I had orders to be at Travis Air Force base early the following morning. It was still dark when I left the hotel and started driving to the base. I was excited to get a chance to ride along in a military version of the DC-10, and wanted to get to my destination quickly. The Air Base Parkway leading up to Travis AFB was deserted and I decided to step on the gas and … Continue reading Boom Operator: The Back-Story