Tor_HansonAs a freelance writer, I have had the opportunity to meet and interview interesting and inspiring people and write articles about an amazing array of topics.

That includes everything from interviewing airplane designer extraordinaire Burt Rutan at a press event for the premiere of his latest airplane to covering the public unveiling of the F-117 Stealth Fighter at Nellis Air Force Base in 1990. Sprinkle in an interview with the Swedish author Reidar Jönsson (“My Life As A Dog”) or a chat with Winslow Farrell about the complexity theory and virtual consumers, and you understand how easy it is to expand your horizons when you are working as a freelance writer.

Over the years, I have mainly concentrated my writing efforts in four main categories: Lifestyle, Business, Aerospace, and Popular Science. But honestly, when an editor reaches out and wants me to write about a completely different topic, I accept the challenge without hesitation.

Here is a brief list of Swedish and American magazines I have been writing for:

American Magazines: Bend Chamber of Commerce Business Edition, Bend Living, Boys’ Life, Oregon Business Magazine, and Central Oregon Family News.

Swedish Magazines: Populär Vetenskap (the Swedish equivalent to Popular Science), Flygrevyn (Aerospace Review), OneMagazine (Swedish Microsoft Magazine), Teknik för Alla, Wireless Now (an Ericsson newsletter) and Tendenser (translated: Trends in Marketing).


Tor Hanson – Bend, Oregon

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