Funky Neighborhood – Or Whiskey Flat Straight Up

Written for publication in Bend Living Magazine – May 2008 (the magazine went bankrupt in late 2008 and the article was never “officially” published) One of Bend’s most well-heeled neighborhoods was once home to the town’s backbone of millworkers. Old-timers call it “Whiskey Flat.” More recent Bend residents just know it as a westside neighborhood close to the Deschutes River. In the past 100 years, the area changed from the only place to live, to one of the more desirable places to live. No matter what the case, what’s left of this neighborhood is Bend’s cultural heritage. The story of … Continue reading Funky Neighborhood – Or Whiskey Flat Straight Up

International Arrivals

Originally published in Bend Life Magazine, January/February 2007 An infusion of residents from abroad has long enriched the culture of Central Oregon and helps shape its future. During its transformation from sleepy mill town to cosmopolitan hub, Bend has become home to people across the country. A better-kept secret is that Bend is also home to thousands of foreign-born residents. Central Oregon’s international community is growing by leaps and bounds, and from the perspective of this writer, that is just fine. You see, I am one of those foreign residents, a native of Sweden who discovered Bend nearly three decades … Continue reading International Arrivals