Courageous Aviation

Originally published in Ageless Magazine – Winter 2015 Innately adventurous, Everett “Jigger” Endicott has spent a lifetime in the air as a civilian pilot and as a second lieutenant in the Army Air Corp. Everett “Jigger” Endicott pointed to a photo of a young air cadet in front of his P-51 fighter. “That’s me,” he said. For the second time during the 20th Century the world was at war and he was one of millions of Americans serving their country. Today, Endicott is more at home in his easy chair. He was born in Hood River in 1919, but the … Continue reading Courageous Aviation

Maren Gribskov – Against All Odds

Originally published in UMagazine – February 2017 Maren Gribskov is synonymous with Pine Tavern. Her business acumen and audacity made her a woman to be reckoned with for almost half a century. Even though she would never admit to it, Gribskov was a pioneering force in Bend. And she did it all because her mother told her that she could do anything she wanted, even if it meant being a single woman doing business in a man’s world. The story of Maren Jensen Gribskov and Pine Tavern started in June 1894. Born to Danish immigrants, Gribskov spent her first 11 … Continue reading Maren Gribskov – Against All Odds