Rewriting Jönsson’s Life: The Back-story

I moved from Sweden to the United States in 1986 and lived in Los Angeles at the time, when I caught wind of a movie called “My Life As A Dog.” It was based on the book with the same name by Swedish author, Reidar Jönsson. Back in those days, it took a lot longer to get foreign movies to the United States – sorry to say, no iTunes. I finally saw the movie and fell in love with the story about Ingemar. Many years later, my wife, our daughter, and I moved from Los Angeles to Oregon to be closer to family. … Continue reading Rewriting Jönsson’s Life: The Back-story

Reidar Jönsson: Rewriting His Life

Originally published in Scanorama – April 1992 (Scandinavian Airlines’ Inflight Magazine) Swedish author Reidar Jönsson whose book, My Life as a Dog, was the basis of Lasse Hallström’s acclaimed film, is busier than ever. With a new book – My Father, His Son, a sequel to My Life as a Dog­ just out in the United States, he is currently doing a screen treatment of it. Born in 1944 in southern Swe­den, Jönsson published numerous screenplays, theater pieces, poetry and books before gaining public attention with My Life as a Dog. Ironically, he originally had no de­sire to see this book turned into … Continue reading Reidar Jönsson: Rewriting His Life