Courageous Aviation

Originally published in Ageless Magazine – Winter 2015 Innately adventurous, Everett “Jigger” Endicott has spent a lifetime in the air as a civilian pilot and as a second lieutenant in the Army Air Corp. Everett “Jigger” Endicott pointed to a photo of a young air cadet in front of his P-51 fighter. “That’s me,” he said. For the second time during the 20th Century the world was at war and he was one of millions of Americans serving their country. Today, Endicott is more at home in his easy chair. He was born in Hood River in 1919, but the … Continue reading Courageous Aviation

A Community Bailout

Originally published in Oregon Business Magazine, March 2001 DESCHUTES COUNTY – The Central Oregon business community had high hopes for the Deschutes County Fairgrounds and Expo Center when it was first proposed in 1996. Civic and business leaders lobbied aggressively for passage of a 20-year bond measure to fund the $31 million facility, arguing it would be a profitable venture bringing in thousands of visitors each year. So when word spread that the Fairground and Expo Center was awash in red ink, the business community was concerned. The Fairground Association, which managed the facility and bookings, was $462,000 in the … Continue reading A Community Bailout